Notice of Privacy Practices:

Bernard Kahan, M.D. - Retirement information

Some of you may already be aware of my plan to gradually retire over the next year or two.  I've just passed my 35th year of practice in Atlanta, and I've been finding that my ability to rapidly process the enormous volume of calls and emails has been steadily decreasing.  Unfortunately, however, due to a setback in my wife's condition, it will be necessary for me to advance this timetable and stop practicing altogether by January 30th.  Should I find myself able to resume practice again in some capacity in the future, it will be noted on my website, voicemail, and in a follow-up email.

It will be necessary for you to transition your care as soon as possible.  I can provide one more set of three refills or a 90-day supply of medication by email request, to allow plenty of time to make alternate arrangements.  Prior to the 30th, I will attempt to be available for substantial issues only. Other than providing the final set of refills, after January 30th I will NOT be available to respond to questions, requests for additional refills beyond the 90-day supply, replacement of lost prescriptions, insurance or pharmacy problems, dose changes, or any other matter.  Emergency care if needed can be handled as it is now, by proceeding for evaluation to the nearest emergency room or psychiatric facility such as Ridgeview Institute or Peachford Hospital.

Regarding transition of care, patients who are currently stable on their medications may be able to obtain routine refills from their primary care doctor. If the doctor requires a summary from me documenting your treatment, please email a request but note that there may be a delay in my ability to provide it.  Hopefully your doctor will be understanding given the circumstances.  If your internist, pediatrician, or GYN will not handle your meds, then you will need a new psychiatrist or different primary care doctor.  For a recommendation, I suggest asking your primary care doctor or therapist, or else scheduling with any of the psychiatrists at or  Unfortunately, the pool of available psychiatrists in Atlanta is quite limited, and I do not have ANY additional specific recommendations beyond those.  The following resource is a listing of many of the psychiatrists in Atlanta:  Other sources include the American Psychiatric Association at, or the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at

I apologize for being unable to provide a more gradual transition.  However, my priorities have had to change under present circumstances.  

​Thank you for your understanding.